Home Decor Tip – Rug Runners

There you are, carrying a cup of coffee back to your workspace at home. It’s hot, you’re still sleepy, your hand slips-SPLASH! Your precious Arabica blend that you got as an anniversary gift from the office is now a pool on your carpet. You sigh, you curse, you get mad at yourself. How can I cover this stain, you wonder. Here’s an idea: rug runners.

So what’s the point of a rug runner? Rugs, while they have many functions, are mainly decorative; a rug serves your tastes and needs in whatever space you put it. Hallways and staircases don’t really tend to have all that much personality to begin with. Why not jazz up the floor and give the coat rack something to stand proud next to? That umbrella holder is lonely, so very lonely. Cheer it up a little with a touch of bright color from a shag wool rug runner. Furthermore, rug runners are longer, slimmer, and ideal for hallways and staircases in your home. On stairs, they provide traction and thus reduce the chance of tumbling down. Similarly, in a hallway, rug runners keep you from slipping on a wet floor. Plus, rug runners give you a cozier, more intimate feeling to those narrow spaces.

Think of the other things a rug runner could do for you. Noisy, squeaky steps are silenced by this rug cushioning. Hallway spills land on the rug, which can be easily cleaned, as opposed to the carpet, which needs one of those carpet cleaning coupons and some guy in a van with foamy bubbles painted on the side to get out. They protect against dirt and soil tracked into the house. And they feel so good underneath your feet. Imagine coming home to an exquisite pattern and that soft wool feeling in between your toes. Or sisal, if prefer. Or even a bamboo rug runner! The possibilities just keep going.

Certain rug runners may need some assistance from a professional, but a braided rug runner is typically easier to install. Once it’s on your floor, just come home like you do everyday and take satisfaction in knowing that you are preventing slips on the floor, spills on the carpet, and decorating your home in a tasteful, colorful fashion. If all else fails, you’re making that umbrella holder happy.

For an excellent selection in rug runners and area rugs, stop by gcrugs.com today.

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Bargain Shopping For Great Home Decorating

Just because we don’t have tons of money to do a complete redecorating scheme on our home or individual rooms, doesn’t mean we can’t still find great home decor products for little dollars. While “bargain” and “fantastic home decor” don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, it is not an impossibility to redecorate using a budget!

The first thing to consider when beginning a redecorating project is how much you want to spend on the project. If money is in short supply, something many of us are experiencing right now, do not despair! There is an old saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way,” and it is so true when it comes to decorating.

If you enjoy shopping at flea markets, then you are going to have a ball finding home accent pieces for your redecorating project. These sprawling shopping paradises offer everything from copper umbrella stands to hand-painted saw blades. There is almost nothing that can’t be found at a flea market.

Go shopping with some ideas in mind – your likes and dislikes, the style you want to achieve and so forth. Once you arrive at the flea market and find a treasure you wish to buy, feel free to offer the seller something less than the ticket price. That said, it is probably not a good idea to insult the seller with a ridiculously low price. A good rule of thumb is to offer no more than 10% less than the asking price. Some sellers expect this, and of course, there are some sellers who don’t! Keep it friendly and you can’t go wrong.

After shopping the flea markets, the next stop is often the local yard/garage sales. People discard all kinds of goodies and for all kinds of reasons. Remember, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” This old adage rings true when it comes to people selling their no-longer-needed stuff. Shopping for an ornate picture to adorn your living room wall? Well, don’t overlook the frame with Great Aunt Flossie’s portrait in it. Simply discard the contents of the frame and, voila, you have a wonderful – sometimes antique – frame.

Rummaging through other people’s castoffs can be a great way to save money. Just keep in mind that it is the thrill of the hunt that keeps us motivated to continue visiting sale after sale. It is worth every minute of it, though, if you find just what you are looking for and save hundreds of dollars!

Shopping retail stores is oftentimes where we end up while redecorating. If you reach that point, keep in mind outlet stores, and even discount stores, can sometimes yield attractive, yet affordable home decor products. Be selective when shopping in these places. Also, look for sales ads and circulars that may come to your mailbox from some stores to save even more money.

Finally, shopping online is yet another appealing way to shop for delightful home accessories and bargains. The accent pieces you purchase online will be unique to your friends and neighbors because they haven’t seen most of these products in local stores. Some web merchants offer sales, discounts and coupons just as brick and mortar stores do. Again, be selective. Keep your budget in mind, and have fun!

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Fine Home Decor – Turning Houses Into Homes

You can hardly deny the importance of fine home decor. A great decor can greatly add to the ambience of any room.

Exploring Options

Decor of a home reflects, to a great extent, some part of the personality of the people who live there. Nature-loving people usually opt for prints and colors that are inspired by nature. On the other hand, people with vibrant and outgoing personalities are said to find bolder prints and colors more appealing. When it comes to home decor, today you have many options to choose from. With different fabrics and designs in the market, there are many products available that can be combined to make up your unique home decor. It certainly helps turning houses into homes.

While there are many stores round the corner that stock a wide range in home furnishings, the Internet is quite a popular medium on its own. As almost all households in the United States have ready access to the Internet, many people prefer shopping online from the comfort of their homes. Purchasing in the real world or the virtual one has their own benefits. While a real word store lets you inspect the product right in front of you, the virtual world opens up a vista of unlimited possibilities. Product ranges in stores round the corner are limited to a certain extent, due to space constraints or other factors. On the other hand, the Internet lets you choose and order fine home decor from almost any part of the world.

Going Online

Today, there are many websites that offer one of the widest ranges in Fine Home Decor. Among the most sought-after categories on such websites are the following:

* Home Decor or Home Decor Set, which includes both botanical as well as floral reproductions on the one hand and reproductions on printed canvas on the other.
* Bedding ensembles, including Luxury Bedding Ensemble and bedding sets.
* Down pillows and down comforters, including Luxury Down Comforter.
* Bed sheets available in many bed sizes such as Full Size, King Size, Cal-King, Queen Size, Twin Size, Twin XL, and Olympic Queen bed sizes.
* Tween’s and Teens.
* Accessories for Tween’s and Teens, including duvets, dust skirts, pillow shams, rugs, decorative pillows, and throws.

With many options available in each category, shopping for home furnishings online can be quite an enjoyable experience indeed.

Gift Certificates And Discount Coupons

Leading websites that deal with home furnishing also provide the option of giving gift certificates to anyone you feel like. With a most simple process in place, all you have to do is to send an e-mail link to the person concerned. The e-mail link sent by you denotes the amount gifted as per the certificate and contains instructions on how to validate the certificate. Discount coupons, on the other hand, entitle you to attractive rebates. For an increasing number of people who prefer shopping online, gift certificates and discount coupons hold a special charm.

Today, the Internet is the perfect platform for exploring and purchasing all kinds of fine home decor. Offering decor inspired by particular modern and contemporary themes, along with providing products as per the traditional decor, the Internet indeed has something for everyone.

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